Jenifer Pontello

, NASM-CPT, CFSC, FMS Co-Owner, Head Trainer for Adults, and Business Manager


Certified Personal Trainer under the National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Functional Strength Coach

Certified Functional Movement Systems Specialist

Her Story

Jenn is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Functional Strength Coach, and Certified Functional Movement Systems Specialist. She has also worked in the business industry since 1996. She began her journey as a Finance Assistant and worked her way up to Operations Manager. This experience has given her insight to all positions within a company. Jenn then made the decision to follow her aspiration which was geared toward human resources, obtaining her Professional in Human Resources certification in 2008 through the HR Certification Institute. Upon specializing in employee benefits, she began noticing statistics regarding acute and chronic medical conditions that were easily preventable. Thus began her passion toward wellness plans and motivating employees to better their health. Jenn holds the following certifications: Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Functional Movement Systems Specialist and Certified Functional Strength Coach.  She consistently continues her education in the fitness industry. Her most recent focus is on postural restoration, specifically studying postural restoration integration for fitness and movement. 

Her Contributions to PEAK-topia

Jenn coaches both small group strength and conditioning classes and large group team training at PEAK. She also helps train the youth and injects her energy and intellect into coaching them to their goals. Jenn is also responsible for business development, increasing business through strategic partnerships as well as adding complementary products and services. She also oversees daily operations keeping the company’s goals at the forefront. Jenn is the visionary behind PEAK. Through her dedication, determination, hard work, and love for people she’s created a place to not only gain strength, but knowledge, as well as a family.


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