Reach the PEAK of

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Reach the PEAK of

Your Physical and

Mental Fitness

Traveling Healthy

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Sure … when you go on vacation, you want to enjoy yourself and indulge a bit. But there are a few strategies we’ve found helpful when traveling so we don’t come back like we have to start all over again.

Vacation is meant to restore and recharge you … not create a health deficit that needs to be paid back with interest.

But it’s another example of how the “all or nothing” approach doesn’t work. 

A little exercise is better than none. You don’t need to go crazy!

Making a meal a little better is preferable to trying to be perfect.

Here are a few tips we’ve found useful in our travels to make the trip memorable and enjoyable … without squandering all the hard work we’ve done to take care of ourselves the rest of the year:

Don’t stop exercising. Whether it’s a hike, walk or bike ride, be sure to incorporate some movement into each day. A 10-15 minute stretching, strength, or cardio session either outdoors, at the hotel gym … or, even in your room! … can go a long way.

Travel with healthy snacks. It’s challenging to stick with your routine when you’re out of your environment. So it’s best to come prepared with some healthy, convenient options when hunger strikes. Raw fruits, nuts, and veggies are a great choice. We’ve also found it helpful to bring a shaker bottle and put a scoop of our favorite protein powder in it. Then just fill it with water, or stop at a convenience store for an ice cold almond milk.

Drink plenty of water. It’ll help keep you full between meals, and is especially helpful if you’re traveling to a warm climate. Nobody wants to feel dehydrated when they’re trying to enjoy their vacation!

Get a room with a fridge and microwave. This way, leftovers won’t go to waste and you’ll be able to keep your raw fruits and veggies cold and fresh. You can also travel with a small cooler and a couple of ice packs or use the hotel’s ice machine to keep your food cold!.

Get plenty of sleep. Resist the urge to turn your vacation into a contest to see how many activities you can cram into each day. When you’re traveling, you need proper sleep more than ever. You shouldn’t come home from vacation feeling like you need another vacation.

If you’re able to get away this summer/fall, we hope you enjoy it! And we hope you find these tips for having a healthier vacation helpful.

Jenn & Deej